NFJC of WNY responds...
The NFJC of WNY works every day to overcome any and all bigotry and prejudice that exist in our community and country.

We stand in common cause in our partnership with the Virginia Center of Inclusive Communities in expressing that we are horrified by the hateful speech and the hateful widespread violence in Charlottesville this past weekend.

We condemn the perpetrators of prejudice and all words and actions motivated by racism, anti-Semitism, and all forms of bigotry that have no place in our country. At this critical time, we call upon all WNY'ers to join us in renewing our commitment to stand together and to work passionately for inclusion, equity, and justice for all.

The images we witnessed in Charlottesville reflect patterns of intolerance that have long festered in our country. Let us have a meaningful conversation to move our country forward. Now, not tomorrow is the time to commit to deep, authentic relationships and to foster inclusion for all those who experience discrimination and prejudice.

We strongly support "The Ten Things You Can Do to Stand Together" that was developed in Virginia and believe they are applicable for all communities across the United States of America in 2017and in the years to come:
      1. Speak up and challenge bigotry whenever you see it

      2. Talk with your neighbor or someone in your neighborhood you don't know about why diversity and inclusion is important to all of us

      3. Analyze the diversity within your neighborhood, workplace, local school, or house of worship and initiate conversations about where and why there might be a lack of inclusion

      4. Read books that help you to learn about the experiences and perspectives of people from different backgrounds - especially those whose voices are often left out of community conversations

      5. Learn about our community's complex history - including the difficult parts - and consider the residue of that history on the present day

      6. Write a letter to the editor expressing why you value diversity, equity, and inclusion in your community

      7. Contact your elected officials to make sure they know your views, especially about policies that could disproportionately hurt members of marginalized groups

      8. Attend community events that expand your understanding and perspective

      9. Volunteer with organizations that focus on making our communities more equitable and inclusive

      10. Support organizations and causes that promote respect, understanding, and justice like the NFJC of WNY,
The NFJC was there to spread the message...

NFJC calls on WNY to stand together against racism, anti-Semitism & bigotry

Lana Benatovich, president of the NFJC.

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